We have kennels to accommodate dogs of all sizes. We take pride in our central heating & air conditioning which provides your pet with a controlled temperature environment. We are also the only kennel in Middle Tennessee equipped with the RCI air purification system.

Our kennels are spacious and climate controlled.

Our Regular Kennels are 3' x 12' indoor and out, (these are not cages)

Our Large Kennels are 4' x 12'

Our Extra Large Kennels are 5' x 12'

Each kennel has it's own dog door so the pets can move inside & out at their own leisure. At nightfall all pets are brought inside the doors are shut. Our kennels come equipped with central heat and air, the outside runs are shaded for your pets enjoyment.

The kennel is pressure washed twice daily to insure your pets good health. The inside sleeping area can accommodate dog beds, toys, bones, and pillows. We also have blankets available with no extra charge.

Feeding & Diets

Food is available at no extra charge, but with some pets their diets are special, you can bring what ever your pet needs and we will make sure they are taken care of as if you did it yourself.

We have a large play area and pets are exercised daily at no extra charge.


Security at our kennel is of the utmost importance. We have audio and video surveillance cameras running 24/7. We are licensed and insured.

Shot Records

All shot records required. (rabies, parvo, distemper, kennel cough)

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